RASEntry Structure

The RASEntry structure is used in the RASGetEntryProperties and RASSetEntryProperties functions.  From the PlatformSDK, the structure is defined as follows:

typedef struct tagRASENTRY {
  DWORD      dwSize;
  DWORD      dwfOptions;
  // Location/phone number.
  DWORD      dwCountryID;
  DWORD      dwCountryCode;
  TCHAR      szAreaCode[ RAS_MaxAreaCode + 1 ];
  TCHAR      szLocalPhoneNumber[ RAS_MaxPhoneNumber + 1 ];
  DWORD      dwAlternateOffset;
  // PPP/Ip
  RASIPADDR  ipaddr;
  RASIPADDR  ipaddrDns;
  RASIPADDR  ipaddrDnsAlt;
  RASIPADDR  ipaddrWins;
  RASIPADDR  ipaddrWinsAlt;
  // Framing
  DWORD      dwFrameSize;
  DWORD      dwfNetProtocols;
  DWORD      dwFramingProtocol;
  // Scripting
  TCHAR      szScript[ MAX_PATH ];
  // AutoDial
  TCHAR       szAutodialDll[ MAX_PATH ];
  TCHAR       szAutodialFunc[ MAX_PATH ];
  // Device
  TCHAR      szDeviceType[ RAS_MaxDeviceType + 1 ];
  TCHAR      szDeviceName[ RAS_MaxDeviceName + 1 ];
  // X.25
  TCHAR      szX25PadType[ RAS_MaxPadType + 1 ];
  TCHAR      szX25Address[ RAS_MaxX25Address + 1 ];
  TCHAR      szX25Facilities[ RAS_MaxFacilities + 1 ];
  TCHAR      szX25UserData[ RAS_MaxUserData + 1 ];
  DWORD      dwChannels;
  // Reserved
  DWORD       dwReserved1;
  DWORD       dwReserved2;
#if (WINVER >= 0x401)
  // Multilink and BAP
  DWORD       dwSubEntries;
  DWORD       dwDialMode;
  DWORD       dwDialExtraPercent;
  DWORD       dwDialExtraSampleSeconds;
  DWORD       dwHangUpExtraPercent;
  DWORD       dwHangUpExtraSampleSeconds;
  // Idle timeout
  DWORD       dwIdleDisconnectSeconds;
#if (WINVER >= 0x500)
  DWORD     dwType;               // entry type
  DWORD     dwEncryptionType;     // type of encryption to use
  DWORD     dwCustomAuthKey;      // authentication key for EAP
  GUID      guidId;               // guid that represents 
                                  // the phone-book entry 
  TCHAR    szCustomDialDll[MAX_PATH];    // DLL for custom dialing 
  DWORD    dwVpnStrategy;         // specifies type of VPN protocol 

Note how it has seven extra members if the Windows Version is &H401 or greater (NT4 enhancements) and another six members for windows 2000 (Version >=&H500).  Also the RAS_MaxDeviceName constant is different for different platforms.  For windows 95/98 and NT4 or later, it's value is 256.  For earlier versions of NT (eg 3.51) it's value is 33.  This gives us a possible 4 different sized structures for the RASENTRY structure, being 2088 (win2000), 1796 (NT4 enhancements), 1768 (win 95/98/NT4), or 1672 (NT3.51)

A common approach to this problem is to declare 4 different structures, check the windows version by calling the GetVersionEX() API function, then pass our values to and from the appropriate structure.  I call this the SDKtoVB approach. The problem with that approach is it is difficult to update in the future, and the structures themselves are not really VB friendly - strings are stored as fixed length byte arrays , etc. Also we are relying on the windows platform and not the actual version of RASAPI on the system.

Another approach, is to start from the VB end and work towards the SDK format.  I call this the VBtoSDK approach.  The first step in this approach is to define the information we want as we would handle it in VB. 

 For the RASENTRY structure, our VB declaration with all the relevant substructures and enums would be as follows:

    a As Byte
    b As Byte
    c As Byte
    d As Byte
End Type

Public Enum RasEntryOptions
   RASEO_UseCountryAndAreaCodes = &H1
   RASEO_SpecificIpAddr = &H2
   RASEO_SpecificNameServers = &H4
   RASEO_IpHeaderCompression = &H8
   RASEO_RemoteDefaultGateway = &H10
   RASEO_DisableLcpExtensions = &H20
   RASEO_TerminalBeforeDial = &H40
   RASEO_TerminalAfterDial = &H80
   RASEO_ModemLights = &H100
   RASEO_SwCompression = &H200
   RASEO_RequireEncryptedPw = &H400
   RASEO_RequireMsEncryptedPw = &H800
   RASEO_RequireDataEncryption = &H1000
   RASEO_NetworkLogon = &H2000
   RASEO_UseLogonCredentials = &H4000
   RASEO_PromoteAlternates = &H8000
   RASEO_SecureLocalFiles = &H10000
   RASEO_RequireEAP = &H20000
   RASEO_RequirePAP = &H40000
   RASEO_RequireSPAP = &H80000
   RASEO_Custom = &H100000
   RASEO_PreviewPhoneNumber = &H200000
   RASEO_SharedPhoneNumbers = &H800000
   RASEO_PreviewUserPw = &H1000000
   RASEO_PreviewDomain = &H2000000
   RASEO_ShowDialingProgress = &H4000000
   RASEO_RequireCHAP = &H8000000
   RASEO_RequireMsCHAP = &H10000000
   RASEO_RequireMsCHAP2 = &H20000000
   RASEO_RequireW95MSCHAP = &H40000000
   RASEO_CustomScript = &H80000000
End Enum

Public Enum RASNetProtocols
   RASNP_NetBEUI = &H1
   RASNP_Ipx = &H2
   RASNP_Ip = &H4
End Enum

Public Enum RasFramingProtocols
   RASFP_Ppp = &H1
   RASFP_Slip = &H2
   RASFP_Ras = &H4
End Enum
Public Type VBRasEntry
   Options As RasEntryOptions
   CountryID As Long
   CountryCode As Long
   AreaCode As String
   LocalPhoneNumber As String
   AlternateNumbers As String
   ipAddr As RASIPADDR
   ipAddrDns As RASIPADDR
   ipAddrDnsAlt As RASIPADDR
   ipAddrWins As RASIPADDR
   ipAddrWinsAlt As RASIPADDR
   FrameSize As Long
   fNetProtocols As RASNetProtocols
   FramingProtocol As RasFramingProtocols
   ScriptName As String
   AutodialDll As String
   AutodialFunc As String
   DeviceType As String
   DeviceName As String
   X25PadType As String
   X25Address As String
   X25Facilities As String
   X25UserData As String
   Channels As Long
   NT4En_SubEntries As Long
   NT4En_DialMode As Long
   NT4En_DialExtraPercent As Long
   NT4En_DialExtraSampleSeconds As Long
   NT4En_HangUpExtraPercent As Long
   NT4En_HangUpExtraSampleSeconds As Long
   NT4En_IdleDisconnectSeconds As Long
   Win2000_Type As Long
   Win2000_EncryptionType As Long
   Win2000_CustomAuthKey As Long
   Win2000_guidId(0 To 15) As Byte
   Win2000_CustomDialDll As String
   Win2000_VpnStrategy As Long
End Type

In our structure above, note how we have declared the strings as variable length strings (the" VB way") , used Enums for our Options, FramingProtocols and fNetProtocols. Also note how the members near the end have a NT4En_ or Win2000_ prefix to remind us these members are only for those platforms. (the NT4En_ members are available on NT4 enhancements and windows 2000) .

The SDK declaration for dwAlternateOffset has been changed to AlternateNumbers as a String in our VB declaration - so instead of having a offset pointer to a string, we now have a string that can be a set of numbers separated by chr$(0). The AlternateNumbers doesn't have any effect on win 95/98.

To see how we can use our VB structure with the RASAPI functions see the code on using the RASGetEntryProperties and RASSetEntryProperties functions.

For information on getting device information see RasEnumDevices.

For information on country IDs and Codes, see RasGetCountryInfo


See Also: Contents, Introduction, RASGetEntryProperties, RASSetEntryProperties, RasEnumDevices, RasEnumEntries, RasGetCountryInfo