RAS Statistics

Dial up networking (or RAS) statistics' availability differs depending on the windows platform.  In windows 95 and 98 you can access the statistics via the Dyn_Data section of the registry.  For windows NT you have to use one of the performance monitoring techniques, and for windows 2000 you probably can use the performance monitoring techniques also, but you can use the new RAS methods.

The following table summarises the statistics readily available, by platform and method.

Statistic Windows Platform
95/98 NT 2000
Bytes Transmitted Dyn_Data PerfMon (P,T) RAS
Bytes Received Dyn_Data PerfMon (P,T) RAS
Frames Transmitted Dyn_Data PerfMon (P,T) RAS
Frames Received Dyn_Data PerfMon (P,T) RAS
CRC Errors count Dyn_Data PerfMon (P,T) RAS
Timeout Errors count Dyn_Data PerfMon (P,T) RAS
Alignment Errors count Dyn_Data PerfMon (P,T) RAS
Hardware Overrun Errors count Dyn_Data PerfMon (P,T) RAS
Framing Errors Count Dyn_Data  ---- RAS
Buffer Overrun Errors count Dyn_Data PerfMon (P,T) RAS
Compression Ration in  ---- PerfMon (P,T) RAS
Compression Ratio out  ---- PerfMon (P,T) RAS
Connection speed (bps) Dyn_Data  *3 RAS
Connection duration (seconds)  *1  *1 RAS
Runts count Dyn_Data  ---- ----
Total Bytes Recieved Dyn_Data  ---- ----
Total Bytes Transmitted Dyn_Data  ---- ----
Total Errors count  ---- PerfMon (P,T) ----
Bytes transmitted/sec  ---- PerfMon (P,T) ----
Bytes recieved/sec  ---- PerfMon (P,T) ----
Frames transmitted/sec  ---- PerfMon (P,T) ----
Frames recieved/sec  ---- PerfMon (P,T) ----
Total Error/sec  ---- PerfMon (P,T) ----
Total number of Connections *2 PerfMon (T) *2


Note: Those entires marked with "----" are not readily available, but that does not mean that they can't be calculated or got by other means.  I suppose what the "----" means, is they aren't handled here in any of the further topics.  


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